ONE girl was “sold” to one of the gang shortly after her 11th birthday, the Old Bailey heard.

The man who bought her – defendant Mohammed Karrar – got her pregnant when she was 12 before beating her and making her have a home abortion, the jury heard.

Prosecutor Noel Lucas said: “He regarded her as his property. “He showed her no regard.

“He felt he was entitled to have sex with her when he wanted and in whatever manner he wanted.

“If she had the courage to resist, he beat her.”

Mr Lucas said the girl – known as Girl 4 – was a carer for her parents before she fell into the abuse.

He said Karrar liked visiting her at her home because “he could get away with doing anything” there.

The girl claims the Karrar brothers raped and sold her for sex, from 2004 to 2009.

Both deny all the charges against them.

The girl was taken to High Wycombe by the eldest brother Mohammed where she was tied up, gagged, and gang raped by six men, the jury heard.

Mr Lucas said: “The men would swarm around her saying ‘I want to have a go’."

She was also told to dress in short skirts and bikini tops and “treat” guests, the court heard.

By the end of the evening she would be expected to have been “sexually used” by all the men, the prosecutor said.

Mr Lucas said the girl was “tiny” for her age when Mohammed “Mo” Karrar bought her and groomed her for sex.

He first had sex with her around the time of her 12th birthday, the jury heard.

Mr Lucas said: “She believes she was targeted as she needed love and looked very young.

“She began to take lots of drugs to block everything out.'”

Mr Lucas said the girl described her relationship with Karrar as “weird”. She would sometimes believe he cared for her but then felt like he was just making money off her.

The court heard the girl never got more than an occasional £20 note for having sex.

The girl became “very frightened” of Mohammed Karrar, and also saw both Karrar brothers with weapons, including guns, Mr Lucas said.

She described them as “sick sex monsters” who once raped her at the same time, Mr Lucas said.

He said: “They were always talking about sex and spoke about women in a vile manner.”

Mohammed Karrar is also said to have sexually assaulted her with a baseball bat when she was 12 and injected her with heroin aged 13.

In January 2008 the girl told police a man called “Mo” had raped her.


DESPITE the abuse, Girl 4 believed Mohammed Karrar loved her and was going to marry her when she was 16, the jury heard.

Prosecutor Noel Lucas said the girl had spoken to friends about her relationship with the defendant and two of them would give evidence during the trial.

One friend will tell the jury how the Karrar brothers gave her and Girl 5 alcohol and cocaine as they liked the girls “completely out of it”, the court heard.

Another will tell how Mohammed Karrar gave them alcohol, the court was told.

The jury was told the trial will also hear evidence from social workers who worked with Girl 4.

Mr Lucas said one social worker noticed the girl had begun stealing from her parents, wearing “provocative” clothes and going missing from home only to turn up looking “dishevelled”.

Another social worker was threatened by Mohammed Karrar when he answered the girl’s phone, the court heard.