HUNDREDS of bottles of water were delivered to homes in Banbury after supplies were cut.

About 4,000 properties lost their water supply on Sunday afternoon after two pumps failed at a pumping station by Bretch Reservoir.

Palettes of bottled water were delivered on a lorry to homes around the Bretch Hill area on Sunday and yesterday.

Police supervised yesterday’s handout as some residents stocked up to take supplies to housebound and elderly neighbours.

The firm said it expected the supply to be back by 6pm last night.

Mascord Road resident Darren Hawkins, 44, said he lost his water at 11am on Sunday. He said: “It is beyond a joke, there is no information, nobody is telling us anything.

“I have had to do water runs for elderly neighbours. Kids have been coming down the street nicking water and throwing it over themselves.”

Mum of three Lorraine Jennings said: “I can’t bathe my kids, I can’t give them drinks. They should have given us warning.”

William Morris Primary School and St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School were closed yesterday.

Thames Water spokesman Natalie Slater apologised and said: “We are doing our best to get the problem fixed as soon as possible.”