IT WEIGHED a fraction under eight hundredweight, had rapid acceleration and a top speed of 80mph plus – and it was unique.

The car pictured with this article was the Moss Mosquito, created by Kidlington businessman Robert Moss.

The vehicle featured in the Oxford Mail’s summer motoring supplement on July 6, 1971.

Steve Palmer, of Mewburn Road, Banbury, kept a cutting of the article, which he has sent in, asking readers if they know whether the car still exists.

Mr Moss, founder of the Kidlington plastics firm, Robert Moss Ltd, designed and built the car, using components from a Mini.

He had been an enthusiast of Morgan three-wheelers for many years, owning three himself, and often thought he would like to build one himself.

On holiday in Madeira in 1970, he sketched his design on a piece of paper, which served as his ‘working drawing’ through the six months it took to build.

It took exactly 1,012 hours to complete the three-wheeled car and cost just £434 in materials. His wife Madge took the car on its maiden journey, Mr Moss, whose main car was a Jensen Interceptor, said at the time: “The difference in the two cars is like the difference between wearing a sweater and a pair of flannels, and putting on a tuxedo. “The Jensen in a gentlemanly car – the Mosquito is a wild, hectic thing which makes everyone look and laugh.”

The Mosquito, named after the wartime fighter bomber, ran 70 miles on a gallon of fuel.

Mr Moss said: “I’m tickled pink with the car. I enjoyed building it – everyone at the firm was so interested in the project that I felt I had to finish it. I get a lot of fun from it now.”

The only problem was it had no roof – so it was not suitable for summers like the one we have just had.

Does anyone know what happened to the car? Write and let me know.