THE petition to reverse the decision by Cameron’s Government to slaughter our badger population has now reached 146,000 signatures, which is well in excess of the statutory 100,000 required for a full parliamentary debate.

An online opinion poll has also revealed that 97 per cent of those who responded were against the cull.

However, since our political system is geared to supporting corrupt, powerful vested interests, rather than the democratic majority, the only recourse is for people to use the power of boycott.

I see that the boycott of meat and dairy products is now being further extended to include all produce from Duchy Originals, after it emerged that Prince Charles first lobbied Tony Blair for this ‘cull’ seven years ago. Waitrose have also stated that ‘farmers know best’, despite the scientific consensus that states otherwise, so I, for one, will not be shopping there ever again.

The incidence of TB in cattle is now on the decline, because farmers have at last been forced to take remedial measures in addressing the problem which is entirely of their own making. However, our greedy, self-serving farmers are still intent on wiping out our wildlife.

The tsunami of public indignation that this outrage has evoked, will not peter out as Cameron and the thugs in the dairy industry hope.

The boycott of dairy products suggested by the RSPCA and other organisations will continue in perpetuity, long after the last badger has whimpered its last breath.

PETER LANGLEY, Windmill Road, Headington, Oxford