THERE must be thousands of voters in David Cameron ’s constituency who are horrified and disgusted at the impending massacre of our badgers.

This outrage is to be perpetrated contrary to expert scientific advice, and contrary to basic morality. Cameron also seems to have ignored the health and safety issue, since there will be countless protestors in the culling areas trying to disrupt this carnage.

The slaughter is to be conducted under cover of darkness, so many of these creatures will crawl away to die.

There will also be no way of assessing the numbers killed, but Cameron and his thugs have stated their intention to kill 70 per cent.

It is obvious that they intend to wipe out this indigenous species altogether. So much for this Government’s green credentials – they must think we are all green.

Farmers do not care about their animals. They will not vaccinate the cattle because it would bring to an end the vile, evil, live export industry where bull calves are sent to the continent or further afield on journeys across land and sea in all weathers.

This week, 41 sheep were shot by the RSPCA at the Ramsgate port because they were either ‘severely lame’ or had a broken leg.

Two more drowned when the holding area collapsed and four others were rescued by RSPCA officers – but who cares, as long as people are filling their bellies and the farmers are filling their pockets?

Farmers will not vaccinate the badgers because it’s cheaper to shoot them. Surely it is high time that this corrupt industry was deprived of the colossal handouts of taxpayers’ money that it receives. I thought Cameron believed in the free market.

This is Government by the Countryside Alliance, not the British people.

PETER LANGLEY, Windmill Road, Headington