FAMILIES were transported through the looking glass to a traditional village fete in Binsey.

Youngsters and slightly bigger kids jumped on hay bales, danced to music courtesy of Nick Cope of the Candyskins, and joined in the Alice in Wonderland-themed fancy dress competition.

There was even a beautiful chicken contest.

Judy Bolder, 46, from north Hinksey, went with her brother Terry, and daughter Lillie, aged eight.

Ms Bolder said: “It is the first time I have been. It was really a lovely atmosphere, there was great entertainment, Nick Cope was very good.”

Lillie entered the fancy dress competition. She said: “I won a prize. I was dressed as the Queen of Hearts. I jumped on hay bales and saw a lot of frogs.”

Her uncle Terry Bolder, 45, now lives in London, but worked in the Perch for three years when he lived in Oxford as a student.

He said: “It looked like a village green. It was lovely to get quality musicians, Morris dancers and tea and cakes. We had lovely weather and there were cow pats everywhere, it was very traditional.”