I WHOLEHEARTEDLY endorse Bea Bradley’s defence of the sanctity of life (View Points, August 28). Conversely, the 20th century’s horrific wars and recently the monstrous invasion of Iraq perpetrated by Bush and Blair showed nothing but contempt for life. Countless millions have perished miserably to satisfy the ghastly lust for power that motivate so many shallow politicians. A moral vacuum now prevails everywhere. Corruption and dishonesty debases every organisation. Rampant nationalism, unfettered industrialism and greed pollute the earth, air and sea. Only a philosophy of reverence for life blazes a way forward and is wholly relevant to the great ecological problems facing the world today. We cannot separate our own existence from nature all around us for we are part of a vast unity. Bea Bradley asks why the churches have never opposed bloodsports and other cruel iniquities. Indeed, it is disgusting that they have never collectively done so. Religious organisations are weak and divisive but the great mystics from both the West and East are at one in proclaiming the sanctity of life and our deep kinship with all living creatures. GRAHAM BUTLER

Banbury Road