AN OXFORDSHIRE school is set to launch a book club of ‘epic’ proportions in a bid to get an entire community reading together.

Carterton Community College is hoping RAF Brize Norton personnel, older members of the community and local reading groups will join pupils, parents and staff at its new club.

The school, which launches the initiative tomorrow, has bought 120 copies of the first book.

And it is offering minibuses and subsidised transport to make sure people with mobility issues can join in at the school in Upavon Way.

English teacher Chris Davies, who is in charge of an initiative to raise literacy at the school, said: “We want to use reading as an enabling force, to improve community links, draw attention to the joy of reading, but also to build on community cohesion work going on in Carterton.

“The fact Carterton is so involved with the military repatriations means the community, without really being aware of it, has come closer, and we feel reading would be an additional way we could come together to celebrate and share something positive.

“What I wanted to build was a book club on an unprecedented scale to involve a whole community.”

Tomorrow’s meeting, at 6pm, will focus on Being Billy by Phil Earle, and the London-based author will be speaking at the event.

The 120 copies bought by the college can either be purchased, and kept as signed souvenirs, or returned once read, after which they will be distributed free to local libraries and primary schools.

It is planned for the group to meet every half-term, and those who cannot attend will be able to get involved in discussions on twitter @CCCBookClub.

Each time there will be a speaker, usually the author of the book being discussed, and the club will break down into groups representing the different sections of the community to discuss their responses to the book.

The college plans to continue buying each book in bulk to make sure the texts are accessible to all.

Mr Davies said: “The school is committed to promoting literacy and the joy of reading and have set aside quite a substantial budget.

“What I’d like to see is in a few months’ time is having hundreds of members and I don’t see why that’s not achievable.”

Among those invited tomorrow is Prime Minister and Witney MP David Cameron .

Mr Davies added that everyone was welcome.