BEA Bradley asks whether, if he were alive today, Christ would be a “tally-ho Saviour” (August 28).

Christ lived about 2,000 years ago in a distant land with no foxhunting culture.

However, to answer Bea Bradley’s question as best I can, he did regard all living creatures as made by God, and for that reason having an intrinsic value, so I think it highly unlikely he would ever have approved any kind of blood sport.

He also regarded human beings as having been made in the image of God, so for that reason he would have been even more distressed by human suffering.

There is a great temptation for those involved in politics or in campaigning groups to think that God (if they believe in him) must necessarily be on their side.

However, Christ, in his lifetime, joined no political groups.

He mixed with everybody and anybody, from civic leaders to social outcasts, and showed no partiality.

Those who seek to conscript Christ into their own cause do him a serious injustice.

He did not follow others; rather he called others to follow him.

C ROBINS, Foxdown Close, Kidlington