IN REFERENCE to the incorrect description by David Stocker (View Points, August 2) of what he refers to as Mr Tyler’s organisation as believing in what he claims to be the perverse ideology of ‘animal rights’, he seems to be implying humans are superior to animal life.

That cannot be so in a moral context, when it is considered those who have power over animals wrongly betray them by not treating them humanely, whether at slaughter for meat production, laboratories or in shooting them. Such behaviour reveals the self-centred nature of animal abusers putting economic betterment and unprincipled opportunism before animals’ well-being. Animal experimentation is a big fraud and money-making venture.

A leading medical professor at Oxford University , Sir George Pickering, trained as a physiologist, said there are no fundamental truths revealed by laboratory experiments on animals of a lower kind when applied to the problem of a sick patient.

The matter of there being no meaningful protection in law for lab animals is a terrible injustice and scandal.

Now is the time to close Huntingdon Life Sciences and Oxford University’s obnoxious animal torture labs as awful cruelty mongers.

In calling for the human consumption of meat, Mr Stocker seems to think that indulging in a pleasurable habit while ignoring the desire of an animal to live is completely alright.

John Ruskin, Professor of Literature, 1885, resigned his position at Oxford the day after vivisection was introduced, stating he could not kill or hurt any living creature needlessly.

The animal experimenters have an intensely evil, ugly-minded nature and should not be lauded as goodly by the likes of Mr Stocker.

DAVID SCOTT (Animal Aid supporter and member)

Bayswater Road