NICHOLAS Wilson’s letter (Not so wonderful life, View Points, August 15) attempts to expose me as a hypocrite by referring to my ‘professed deep-seated reverence to all living things’, assuming that I could not possibly extend that reverence to ‘flies, wasps, rats, slugs and mosquitoes, to name but a few’.

I repeat, why not? Inadvertently I probably kill many things, intentionally, I do not.

If I may be permitted to extend the matter further, I remain perplexed by the silence of the church on the matter of bloodsports. Repeatedly, I have attempted to elicit an explanation as to how a religious organisation, extolling the sanctity of life, can turn a blind eye to the wanton cruelty inflicted on living creatures for the salacious delight of those who choose to exert their perceived superiority over the target species.

My criticism extends to all who exploit living creatures as fair game, exercising their superior power over so-called game birds or, in their hoped-for repeal of the Hunting Act, certain mammal species.

I ask again of our religious leaders if Christ were incarnate now and preaching the gospel of love and redemption, would he turn a blind eye to the persecution of other life forms for the sport of humans?

Would he be a tally-ho Saviour?

Will somebody tell me?

BEA BRADLEY Cuxham Road Watlington