A WITNEY man has designed the latest coin to celebrate the end of the Olympics.

Former Oxford & Cherwell Valley College student Jonathan Olliffe designed a £2 coin depicting the handover from London to Brazilian city Rio de Janeiro.

Mr Olliffe, of Early Road, had previously designed two 50p pieces celebrating the Olympic Games in 2010, which featured on six million new coins.

Now he has completed the project after being asked by Royal Mint bosses to mark the end of London 2012.

The latest design will only feature on commemorative coins, rather than being put into circulation, but he said it was an honour to be involved.

He said: “To have the opportunity to design the next UK £2 coin that represents this occasion was very special.

“It was great to be part of the Olympic Games in this way, using my skills as a designer to capture a truly memorable and historic event.”

The coin represents the handover ceremony and features a baton, the flags of UK and Brazil and five stripes, representing the five Olympic rings.

Mr Olliffe said: “The concept of designing on such a small scale naturally presented its challenges.

“It was important that I showed all the key elements that symbolised this historic event and with such a small surface area to work with, it was a challenge I wanted to take on.”

His 2010 designs were of a gymnast and a swimmer and were selected above 30,000 others.

He said: “To see my two Olympic 50p coin designs made and released into circulation was very exciting “But to then see my third design produced by The Royal Mint as the final coin in the London 2012 Olympic collection made it more special.

“It has been an Olympic Games I am proud to be part of.”

After winning the competition in 2010, Mr Olliffe, who is more used to producing bowls and vases, won two five-foot high replicas of his 50p coins and two regular sized ones made of gold.

The £2 piece comes in four different versions, costing from £9.99 through to £1,995 for a solid gold edition.

Mr Olliffe said: “It’s brilliant, I’m so happy to have been involved with the Royal Mint.

“It does mean I’m forever checking my change in shops to see if I’ve got one of mine though.”

To buy a coin visit royalmint.com/shop