Sir – As you maybe aware, the first 2011 census data has just been published and I have been looking at the data.

Isn’t it time we started to deal with mass immigration into this country properly?

The figures are alarming reading.

People who are not British, because of European Union policy, are flooding our shores and getting all the entitlement of a full citizen of this country on benefits, tax credits, etc.

This must be costing the taxpayer a fortune.

Surely it is time the UK Government changed the policy and the status of people coming to this country and stopped entitlements unless people are descended from at least three generations of British citizens or their families have lived in this country for at least 20 years, and make sure that all that our forefathers introduced is not open to people who have not been contributing to our society.

We should also get all our people to swear an allegiance to our flag and country and promise to fight for our country.

Surely this could help to mend our broken society and start to get the pride back in being British.

Letter also sent to David Cameron MP

James Robertshaw, High Street, Witney