ALLOCATION of parking permits for a block of flats in Headington has been changed after complaints from residents.

Residents of Holyoake Hall said making them ineligible from having parking permits was affecting the value of their homes.

Since 2008 those who live in Holyoake Hall have been unable to park their cars on streets in the Headington Central Controlled Parking Zone but Rodney Rose, the county council’s cabinet member for transport, has agreed to drop this restriction. When the CPZ was created it was agreed that Holyoake Hall would be “car free”, but each flat will now be able to apply for one permit.

Holyoake Hall, which is on the corner of Holyoake Road and London Road, was turned from a snooker club into flats in 2004.

Resident Jeffrey Hampton said the restriction devalued his flat by £15,000.

He said: “These apartments were bought in good faith and the price of purchase set to include parking. The removal of eligibility for parking permits from Holyoake Hall residents is unfair.”

In a report, the county council said it “recognised that there are parking pressures” in Headington but came to the conclusion that the circumstances of Holyoake Hall were “peculiar”.