I HAVE been known to criticise On Yer Bike columnist James Styring on occasions, but not this time (yesterday’s Oxford Mail).

I have played the old ‘button game’ on the TV and in the past saw ITV4 showing the Tour de France cycle race – but this time watched all of it – James, you got it right.

Well done Bradley Wiggins. On another subject, reading Roger Tucker’s letter (yesterday’s ViewPoints) – he says 90 per cent wish us out of the the European Union.

I do not think the Cameron Government wants that (they say in good time we will have a referendum).

You cannot always believe what they say, Labour took us into war with Iraq (shame on Blair) when people were against that war and look at Iraq now — going down the tubes. Why do we get into other people’s wars? I thought that life would get easier as time went on – wrong again!

MIKE EVERETT, Upper Road, Kennington