A WOMAN faked an epileptic fit in an attempt to stop her burglar boyfriend being arrested.

As we reported in March, Arron Gardner stole a laptop from St Hugh’s College in Oxford but was tackled to the ground by two builders.

While decorator Tony Thomas and electrician Marc Partlett restrained the offender, his girlfriend Elisha Layden feigned illness to divert their attention.

Layden, who then kicked 34-year-old Mr Partlett in the arm, was sentenced at Oxford Crown Court on Friday having earlier admitted an offence of assault with intent to prevent the lawful apprehension of another.

Prosecutor Cathy Olliver said of the March 19 incident: “While Arron Gardner was being held on the ground, Elisha Layden came round the corner.

“She collapsed to the ground saying ‘somebody help me, I’m an epileptic’.

“Mr Partlett said it was clearly a fake in an attempt to try to distract them.

“She got up and starting talking, tell the builders to get off him. She became angry and said ‘I’m going to kick you in the face so hard’.”

Mrs Olliver said Mr Partlett managed to duck the kick and 23-year-old Layden connected with his right upper arm, causing “redness and a lot or soreness”.

Layden, of Pegasus Road, Blackbird Leys, denied acting as a look-out in the burglary and that charge against her was dropped.

Graham Bennett, defending, said his client has only one previous conviction for a dishonesty offence and added: “Looking back, she feels she needs to be more cautious with the people she establishes relationships with.”

Judge Patrick Eccles told Layden: “Though you are a woman you were able to behave in a violent way.

“I hope this is a proper wake-up call to you.”

Layden was given a year’s supervision and must participate in a restorative-justice course and the Thinking Ahead programme.

She must also pay £200 costs and £200 compensation.