AN INVESTIGATION has been launched after it was alleged that stewards helping out with security at the 2012 Olympics were given a one-hour training session in an Oxford nightclub.

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) is investigating an allegation that the training of Olympic stewards was outsourced without its permission.

Last night LOCOG declined to comment on claims the investigation would focus on whether AP Security had sub-contracted its work to Witney-based Tungsten SIA.

A LOCOG spokesman said: “We have contracted AP Security as one of a number of organisations to provide us with trained stewards for our venues.

“AP Security has not asked us if they can sub-contract to any other organisation. To do so, they need our permission, and this has not been sought or granted. We are investigating as a matter of priority.”

It has been claimed some training took place in the Wahoo nightclub in Oxford’s Hythe Bridge Street on July 10.

Wahoo manager Pete Mortimor said: “We have got a space which various security firms and local authorities use for training and meeting.

“We don’t associate ourselves with them and we weren’t aware of any of the activities taking place.”

Mr Mortimor said the space, which can seat up to 300, has also been used by Thames Valley Police for training events.

Last night AP Security declined to comment while Tungsten SIA was unavailable for comment.