Cyclists and residents have welcomed plans to introduce an “innovative bicycle street” in Oxford.

Jack Straw’s Lane in Marston is set to become the first such scheme in the city after Oxfordshire County Council has taken inspiration from the Netherlands.
It means that there would be a narrow buff-coloured strip going down the centre of the street separating two wide cycle lanes.
While drivers will still be able to use the street, it is hoped the plan will encourage them to wait behind cyclists instead of overtaking by squeezing past.

Richard Mann of cycling campaign group Cyclox said: “We think the designs are excellent.

“Jack Straw’s Lane has a problem with being a bit of a rat run.
“We have always looked to the Netherlands and to Denmark. Sometimes the ideas work in our context and sometimes they don’t, but it is great that the county council is trying these things.”
The plan was approved by Oxfordshire’s transport chief Rodney Rose on Thursday and will apply to Jack Straw’s Lane between Doris Field Close and Staunton Road.

It is expected the scheme will cost £70,000 and will be funded entirely from contributions made by developers.
Work is scheduled to take place in November.