IN response to Eric Jackson’s letter about the welfare of racing greyhounds (ViewPoints, July 11), I should like to make the following points:

1. It was the owners of the stadium who made the decision to switch from Thursday to Friday, not a football chief as stated in the letter. This is not an extra meeting.

2. There are no more injuries to greyhounds than there are to horses in horse racing.

3. Straight after racing, the dogs are washed down, with their feet cleaned and given a drink of water. If there is the slightest of injury, the track vet will look at the dog and advise the trainer.

4. When travelling home to their kennels, water is put in their travelling cage. If very warm or even warm, all vans are fitted with cool air systems.

5. As an owner, I look after my greyhounds when they retire from racing. They live indoors, and I have three at the moment, who give me great pleasure.

6. Concerning trainer Ron Bicknell’s comments (Oxford Mail, July 7) about being paid: I don’t know anyone in a profession which works from 7am to noon on racing days who would not want paying.

Oxford Retired Greyhounds
Giles Road