A public inquiry into Oxford City Council’s “masterplan” for Barton West starts today.

The council hopes to build 1,200 homes along with shops and a primary school to help alleviate Oxford’s housing shortage.

If the plan is approved, Barton West would comprise of three neighbourhoods; one of detached houses bordering the existing estate, a second in the middle of blocks and a third opposite Northway with flats, townhouses and detached homes, a food shop, restaurant or gym. A school would be built nearby and the estate joined by an east-west route.

But a dispute over a 40mph speed limit on the A40 north of the Green Round roundabout could scupper the scheme.

If approved, building could start in 2014. The inquiry will begin at the Town Hall at 1.30pm and will continue until Friday. For more details of the project, click on the links.