AFTER having the honour of carrying the Olympic torch, Witney teacher Emma Cuthbertson brought it to school to share the moment with her pupils.

Pupils from Madley Brook School in Cedar Drive came out to support their year six teacher when she carried the flame along Cowley Road, Oxford, on Monday.

And she took it into the school the next day. Miss Cuthbertson, 28 – pictured right with pupils – said: “A lot of the children throughout the school came to watch me and brought banners. They had such a good day.”

She added: “Bringing it to school was amazing. Everyone was so excited. It was such a big thing for them to see the torch and touch it.”

The school raised about £850 yesterday for the Star Lights charity – which takes ill children on holiday –after asking pupils to make a donation to bephotographed with the torch.