BOOKWORMS are needed to stop staff at an Oxfordshire firm drowning in a sea of books.

Awesome Books, an online new and used book seller and recycler in Wallingford, receives thousands of books from other businesses which they cannot use each month.

They end up being recycled or destroyed – and now the business wants schools, nurseries or other groups to find them a home.

Customer services manager John Glaysher said: “We get about 40 tonnes of books delivered to us each day.

“We can only process about 26 tonnes of that, sometimes we already have it in stock or we don’t sell that particular book. So we are recycling between five and seven huge skips, the size of cargo holders, each week.

“We love reading and want these books to go to a good home, rather than in the skip.”

Contact Mr Glaysher at jglaysher@ or call 01491 821036.