I WRITE regarding the letter from the Reverend Stead, vicar of Holy Trinity Church, Headington Quarry, (Oxford Mail, June 4), referring to the extension and alterations proposed for the church.

I am pleased to note he has made clear that the Quarry Road entrance is the main one to be used, although I doubt it is suitable for weddings and funerals.

As to the proposed interior and exterior changes to the church; many parishioners remain unconvinced the Coach House is ‘not ideal’.

Although this attractive and modern building does not belong to the church, it is successfully managed by trustees with strong connections to Holy Trinity. Alterations and additions to this building, possibly using the same funding which built it, would be preferable to rendering Holy Trinity Church ‘not ideal’ for worship by those parishioners who regard the church as ‘their church’, with the best possible atmosphere for all services – baptisms, weddings, funerals and all the functions of the church throughout the year.

Also, although some of the funding for the church alterations may be raised from the same source as that which built the Coach House, these proposals seem somewhat inappropriate during the financial crisis, (which affects us all). The amount that must be spent on altering the church cannot be justified when one considers that our church, along with most other churches, is always short of money – for various reasons.

It is good that consultations with the proposers of this scheme are at last to take place and thanks to The Rev. Stead for his efforts in clarifying some of the issues raised. However, a great deal of concern in the community could have been avoided should the decision to do so been made earlier.

Nevertheless, all should be aware that there will be no going back once changes to this grade-two-listed building are implemented.

JOYCE ALLEN, Green Road, Headington, Oxford