Businesses on Oxford’s Risinghurst estate have said they are suffering as a result of trial junction changes on the A40.

Last month, Oxfordshire County Council began a trial closure of the right turn from the A40 on to Collinwood Road.

It was prompted by safety concerns after five serious and three slight injury accidents at the junction in the past five years involving vehicles turning right from the A40.

But several petitions have since been started to urge the county council to end the trial. Organisers claim they have collected about 1,000 signatures.

Carl Room, who runs the McDonald’s restaurant by the Green Road roundabout, said takings had been affected.

He said: “Once you have gone past the roundabout there is no way of getting back except for turning around at Thornhill park-and-ride.

“I was looking to get four part-time employees and four full-time employees but now I have had to put that on hold and reduce a number of my employees’ hours.”

Connie Rees, who manages barber shop Boyz 2 Men, felt the change was stopping people travelling to Risinghurst from Barton and Sandhills.

She said: “I have noticed a drop in trade because people cannot be bothered to come around the Green Road roundabout. They don’t know there is another entrance to Risinghurst off the ring road.”

Selma Harb of Roundway Pharmacy said: “I think something should be done because it is a dangerous junction, but the best thing would be traffic lights.”

The county council is planning to keep the gap closed for 18 months, but said it may review and drop the closure at any point.

Motorists can only access Risinghurst via Kiln Lane, while drivers going from the estate towards London have to use the Green Road roundabout.

County councillor Rodney Rose, cabinet member for transport, said: “I would like people who are concerned to get in touch with me and I will meet with them to find out why they are losing money.

“The idea of the trial is to get a response from people in that area. I could drop the scheme today if need be.”