A temporary court order has been issued banning animal rights group Speak from publishing the name of any company it claims is building Oxford University's controversial new animal lab.

A temporary order was granted on Monday and legal representatives from the university will return to the High Court today to seek a permanent ban.

Representatives from Speak will also attend to argue against the implementation of the order.

The order prevents Speak members or supporters publishing on the Internet, by email or other means the "name of, or any information concerning, the company asserted by Speak to be the contractor for the building of the research laboratory".

The order follows claims by Speak made on its website on Monday that construction company Mace Ltd had been contracted to build the £20m lab on South Parks Road.

The claims were strongly refuted by both Mace and Oxford University.

Speak said later that it believed it had a right to publicise "the facts as we believe them to be."