Written by mother-of-four Romilla Arber, who has learnt first-hand how hard it can be continually to come up with appetising family meals, What’s For Dinner? Second Helpings is invaluable for others in the same position. What makes the book different from others making similar boasts is that all sale proceeds go to charity — The Food Education Trust, established by Romilla in 2008 to promote a balanced home-cooked diet.

Its aim is to instil knowledge into children’s minds, so that home cooking becomes the norm to them when adults show them that it is possible, with knowledge and confidence.

With this book fantastic tasting home-cooked food can become the norm for youngsters and processed food and ready meals ignored.

The trust welcomes applications from all sectors of society. It seeks to work with organisations and institutions to further its aim.

Projects include work with schools around the country and the Albany Centre which provides education ton those excluded from mainstream schools owing to social, emotional or behavioural difficulties.

What’s For Dinner? Second Helpings is a massive 767-page book that guides the reader through the seasons, providing a recipe for every day of the year.

Breads, sandwiches and cakes are also included, biscuits and doughnuts too. It is beautifully illustrated and the recipes call for basic ingredients that are readily available.

Cooking instructions are simple to follow, such that this can become a family book which can be used by adults and children.

The joy of buying this book is that profits will enable the trust to help schools equip kitchens for their students to use, and in so doing promote the joy of eating delicious home-cooked dishes to young people who normally eat processed foods.

Park Family Publishing, £25