IN response to Mrs Allen’s letter about the ideas which are being considered for the development of Holy Trinity Church in Headington Quarry (last Monday’s Oxford Mail ViewPoints) I thought it might be helpful to clarify a number of points.

First, the idea of an extension to the church is being considered not to enable musical evenings (which we already have) but to enable young children’s groups to meet nearer the church and so nearer their parents; as a much-needed venue for midweek church meetings and educational groups; and to enable us to offer coffee and hospitality after church services.

The Coach House in Quarry Road does not belong to the church and is not ideal for any of these activities, as it is a significant distance from the church and also because it is increasingly unavailable now that it is used so heavily by the local community.

Secondly, there is no plan to use the Trinity Road entrance as the main access to the church. We would continue to expect the Quarry Road end to be the main access point where there is easy parking.

Thirdly, we had always planned to discuss such ideas with the local community once we had considered the ideas ourselves.

We are now beginning those conversations and hope to be able to work together for the benefit of the whole community.

The Rev TIM STEAD, Quarry Road, Headington Quarry, Oxford