A DRUNK woman launched into a violent rage after paramedics said her father was not gravely ill.

Alison Shire had dialled 999 and told operators her father needed urgent medical help, a judge was told.

But when the ambulance crew said he was okay, Shire, below, flew into a rage, smashing the ambulance windscreen with a traffic cone, biting a police officer and pulling a paramedic’s hair.

The incident happened outside her father’s house in West Street, Osney Island, Oxford, on March 2.

District Judge Timothy Pattison heard Shire had drunk six pints and was so intoxicated that two shots of CS spray failed to calm her.

At Oxford Magistrates’ Court, Shire, 31, was told by the judge she was a “violent drunk” before he handed her a suspended jail sentence.

The court heard that Shire shouted “now I’ve got your attention” as she smashed the windscreen of the ambulance.

Two police officers and two paramedics tried to restrain her after she pulled paramedic Joni Bousie’s hair, bit a female police constable and kicked and punched the woman’s male colleague.

The male paramedic on that night was Matthew Luker, who himself was bitten on the arm when he was on duty in Rose Hill in 2006.

The crew had been called to the home of Shire’s father because she feared he was dying.

When they arrived, she stormed up to them, drunkenly shouting that he needed oxygen.

As one of the ambulance crew tried to calm her down the other checked on the man, and found there was no need for the treatment she had demanded.

When told he was not gravely ill, Shire reacted violently. She pulled Miss Bousie’s hair.

Clare Barclay, prosecuting, said: “She then approached the ambulance, still shouting that the crew weren’t helping her father.

“She grabbed a traffic cone and repeatedly hit the windscreen of the ambulance, shouting ‘now I’ve got your attention’.”

When police arrived and asked Shire to let the ambulance crew do their jobs, she refused to move away from the vehicle.

Shire yelled “you’re not arresting me” and, when threatened with CS spray by Pc Spencer Treherne, she aimed a kick at the officer.

Ms Barclay said: “He had to use his captor spray but it did not have any effect and she aimed another kick.”

A second blast of the spray again failed to subdue Shire, who stood up and punched Pc Treherne, the court heard.

The ambulance had to be taken out of service for a day while the damaged windscreen was replaced.

Shire, who admitted three charges of assault and one of criminal damage, was given a three-month prison sentence, suspended for a year, despite being told that people like her deserved jail.

Judge Pattinson told her: “To put it bluntly, this was absolutely appalling behaviour and assaults on anyone who works in the NHS, especially paramedics working in ambulances, deserve immediate custody.

“The same goes for police officers, who have an extremely difficult job to do.”

Shire, formerly of Ferry Hinksey Road, Oxford, was also given a one-year supervision order and ordered to pay £323 in compensation to her victims.