THANK you for printing the full results of the Oxford City Council elections on Saturday.

I am far from clear why Labour gained seats considering the disgusting way they have treated pensioners, abolishing the one Dial-a-Ride minibus they used to pay for, while promising to pay £400,000 to schools, which by law are nothing to do with the city council.

This is taxpayers’ money! How will it be spent?

I very much welcome the election of Mick Haines as an independent councillor for Marston.

He has led many campaigns in Marston over the years. He will bring a breath of fresh air to Oxford Town Hall.

I was an independent district councillor for 10 years, being twice re-elected.

But that was only after I had, for seven years, distributed a little news sheet round Dorchester-on-Thames, and got to know personally 90 per cent of the village’s residents in the 1970s.

Mick is himself a pensioner and I hope he will support Oxfordshire Pensioners’ Action Group’s campaign to bring back the second Dial-a-Ride minibus in the city.

This was abolished on April 1, when the Labour-controlled city council withdrew the £61,000 it contributed for the minibus last year, on the specious grounds that it didn’t have the money.

OXPAG urges all disabled people and pensioners to contact their city councillors and ask them to reverse the council’s decision to abolish the second minibus.

In April, I heard from users of Dial-A-Ride who can no longer get to their weekly social club.

Isolation is very bad for both mental and physical health of disabled pensioners.

M HUGH-JONES Headley Way Oxford