A VIOLENT brawl erupted in Oxford’s Wood Farm estate after a gang of 30 men descended on the area armed with hammers and dog chains.

Witnesses told police a group of about 30 Asian or black men squared up to several Wood Farm residents with their weapons.

Police believe the violence could have been a revenge attack for an earlier burglary.

Officers said two white men – one aged 18 and the other in his early 20s – were injured and they believe there could be at least one further victim.

The attacks occurred between 8.45pm and 10.15pm on Saturday night in Atkyns Road, Leiden Road and The Slade.

The 18-year-old was left with minor head injuries that did not need hospital treatment, and the other man was treated at Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital for facial bruising.

Last night, Neighbourhood Sergeant Natasha Park said: “It started with Atkyns Road where there was an assault on a male and then it seemed to move around the estate and we then got calls about groups fighting in The Slade and Leiden Road at about 10.15pm.

“One line of inquiry is that this could be linked to a burglary in the Wood Farm area. It might literally be a dispute between two youths.

We are satisfied it is not a racially motivated thing.”

She said it wasn’t clear where the gang had come from.

Sgt Park said: “We won’t stand for disorder and we are investigating what has happened.

“We will prosecute offenders because we don’t want it to turn into something that happens in Wood Farm.”

Police were first called at 8.47pm, but no-one was caught as the suspected attackers had fled in vehicles.

Officers then returned to the estate after further calls about youths fighting in the streets.

Sgt Park said: “A lot of police responded and flooded the area and we have been out doing reassurance patrols ever since.”

No-one has been arrested in connection with the brawl and it is understood that the victims are not co-operating with the police.

Wood Farm resident Pete Bonney said: “There are so many rumours going around – we don’t know what’s happened “I’m surprised because Wood Farm has been very quiet for a few years now. It used to be bad but it has quietened right down.”

Anyone with information should call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111