A PROMINENT Abingdon Liberal Democrat has resigned from the party over its role in Government.

Angela Lawrence, pictured, has represented the Lib Dems for more than 20 years as Abingdon Northcourt member for Vale of White Horse District Council.

But she resigned this week citing disappointment at the party’s role in the Coalition Government with the Conservatives.

She is now the only independent sitting on the district council and Abingdon Town Council.

In a statement she said: “I have resigned from the Liberal Democrat Party because I am, and always have been, unhappy about the Coalition Government.

“It has been a very difficult decision and I have thought long and hard about it, staying involved nationally in the hope of having some influence.

“For me the NHS Bill has been the last straw. My party, at conference, voted against it, yet the bill has gone through.

“I have no quarrel with the Lib Dems locally and I have no intention of joining any other political party.

“I will remain on Vale of White Horse District Council, serving the district and my own ward as well as I have always tried to do, but as an independent.”

The health and social care bill will restructure the health service in England and give GPs control of more of the NHS budget.

Mrs Lawrence was first elected to the district council in 1991 and she has been deputy leader of the authority.