Bea Bradley (Monday’s Oxford Mail ViewPoints) is correct in asserting that “the 10-year scientific trial at a cost of more than £50m of taxpayers’ money concluded that culling can make no meaningful contribution to the reduction of bovine TB.”

Since 80 per cent of bovine TB transmission is the result of movement of cattle by the farmers themselves over large distances across the country, TB will continue to be endemic in dairy cattle.

Of course, the badgers and all the other forms of wildlife that have been infected originally by the cattle will acquire immunity, whereas the cows themselves will never do so, because of their appalling treatment.

I’m afraid it’s no use appealing to politicians like Prime Minister David Cameron, since the views of ordinary people are of no interest to him whatsoever. His allegiance is to the Countryside Alliance.

Those who genuinely care about our wildlife should consider giving up dairy produce, or at least trying to make a significant reduction in their consumption of it.

Soya, milk, rice milk, or oat milk all offer healthier options.

PETER LANGLEY, Windmill Road, Headington, Oxford