It started 50 years ago as a bet in a pub between two friends.

But Radley villagers have kept up their Good Friday tradition and this year was no exception.

Villagers did the 12.5 mile walking race from Bowyer Arms to Oxford and back again on Friday – 50 years after villager Jack Parsons bet friend George Steptoe a pint of beer that he could do it faster than him.

Keira Shute, five, pictured, did the children’s walk from the Radley Triangle to Lower Radley and back.

Mum Debbie Shute, 37, of Blackwater Way, Didcot, said: “She had a great time and they all got chocolate for taking part.”

Her dad Graham Collett, 62, officially started the race at 10.15am. Mrs Shute added: “As a family we always come along and take part. There is a nice village feel about it and everyone comes out when the race starts and at the end too.”

The race was won by former winner Philip Jeacock.