In On Yer Bike (Oxford Mail, April 3), James Styring finds himself ‘in yer car’, no doubt hoping to escape the numerous frustrations he regularly complains cyclists suffer.

But alas, he soon found that, in order to proceed, he had to get out of the car on the ring road to “push it around a zig-zag chicane”, apparently there for the safety of cyclists. As a motorist he has no sympathy with this kind of arrangement.

Soon back on the bicycle, he encountered a barrier of insufficient width for him to cycle through at the entrance to the Barracks Lane footpath and cycle track, possibly there for the safety of walkers. As a cyclist he has no sympathy with this kind of arrangement.

He soon passed a walker recovering from being almost knocked down by a preceding cyclist. The walker expressed his feelings to Mr Styring, causing the latter to observe in his column that: “It really is incredible the vitriol that some can muster against poor cyclists.”

One way for him to avoid further complaining might be to travel by bus. But readers may recall that, a few weeks ago, he related how he used this form of transport only to miss a train because the bus was delayed in the traffic congestion.

The only remaining solution appears to be to walk, leaving the car in the garage and the bike immobilised as exercise equipment. But then he risks becoming one of the “Mr Hate Cyclists” he brands the complaining walker he overtook.

Robert Sephton, Cherwell Close, Abingdon