Ed Miliband is right about the damaging changes to our health service (Oxford Mail, February 27).

In Oxfordshire, the Tories and Lib Dems are breaking promise after promise.

To quote PM and MP for Witney David Cameron: “So I make this commitment to the NHS and all who work in it. No more pointless reorganisations”.

Or as the coalition agreement said: “We will stop the top-down reorganisations of the NHS that have got in the way of patient care”. But the coalition Government is forcing through a top-down reorganisation.

It will cost money, disrupt patient care and has managed to upset nearly every doctor and nurse that I meet.

The Conservatives and their Lib Dem friends seem determined to privatise and break up our health service.

Waiting times are increasing, there will be more bureaucracy and even the number of midwives is being cut.

For the sake of everyone’s health, David Cameron should drop the Bill and drop it now.

JOHN TANNER (Labour Cllr) Board Member for a Cleaner, Greener Oxford City Councillor for Littlemore & County Councillor for Isis