WE grumble and moan about our lot.

There’s an ache when you get out of bed, troubles at work or just minor irritants and wrinkles in your day that become overblown dramas.

Alex Stringer should put all of that into perspective for us.

This brave young man lost three of his limbs to a Taliban bomb in Afghanistan and, thanks to the courage and selflessness of his comrades, was hauled to safety despite enemy fire.

Private Stringer then fought a long, hard battle to survive.

This is a man who would have every right to descend into a trough of despair.

No doubt there have been dark days in the past 13 months, but Pte Stringer is determined not to give up on living the life the Taliban tried so hard to end.

He will marry his childhood sweetheart Danielle Taylor this summer and has plans to go into business.

It really demonstrates the strength of human spirit in our brave service personnel and, while any marriage throws up challenges, Pte Stringer and Miss Taylor have demonstrated they will meet them head-on and no doubt have a long and happy life together.