IT was no surprise that when reading The Issue (Oxford Mail, February 20) which asked should we be excited about the Duchess of Cambridge’s trip to Oxford, that the negative view should be that of none other than John Tanner himself.

He refers to Kate Middleton as the fairytale princess. It’s true, she may in time be as popular as Diana was and become the people’s princess. I wish her well and pray that she doesn’t have to endure the harassment by the media which Diana had to.

Mr Tanner is thrilled that Kate’s involvement with the Art Room charity may raise extra funds, but goes on to say: “Let us not forget that the public pays for everything that Kate has or does.”

Hey John! Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t the local council taxpayer pay your expenses as a public servant with the city council? Isn’t it taxpayers’ money which funds the things you are able to do on our behalf?

I am sure you do a first-class job, dedicated as you are to the cleaner streets of Oford and recycling targets.

I am pleased for you as your dreams to improve the public toilets of Oxford are to become a reality.

Perhaps you have realised your forte and would make an excellent attendant to welcome all visitors with your wonderful hairy grin as they need to spend a penny, or half a quid!

MICHAEL CLARKE, Lewell Avenue, Old Marston