Creation Theatre Company is joining forces with artistic collective The Factory to revive the latter’s flagship production of Hamlet and co-produce a new adaptation of Homer’s The Odyssey from Monday in the Norrington Room at Blackwell’s.

Blackwell’s hosted Creation last spring with Doctor Faustus, which proved so popular the run was extended and extra standing room added to cope with demand. The Factory’s Hamlet has been seen by almost 15,000 people in established theatres and surprising locations, ranging from Shakespeare’s Globe to a sewage works. It features a 15-strong ‘squad’ of actors and has seen cameos from the likes of Josh Hartnett, James McAvoy, Rufus Sewell and Kathryn Hunter.

Staging will be semi-improvised and the two plays given in accordance with The Factory’s philosophy, that the live experience and spontaneity are paramount to an authentic performance.

Actors have learned a number of roles and will play a game of chance before the show to determine the casting for that evening. For Hamlet, audience members are encouraged to bring a random object to be used as a prop onstage.

Creation’s executive director, James Erskine, said: “Creation has been breathing new life into classic literature and drama in myriad Oxford locations for 17 years so the ‘play anywhere’ approach of The Factory makes them natural producing partners.”

Both productions are directed by Tim Carroll.