Sir – Significant differences exist between the proposal to build a community path between Eynsham and Dean Court along the B4044 and the proposed cycleway between Wootton and Abingdon. So there is no element of queue-jumping for council funds by the B4044 project team as Hugh Jaeger suggests (Letters, February 23).

The county council is not expected to fund the community path along the B4044, unlike the Wootton cycleway which depends entirely on county council funding.

Supporters of the community path proposal in Farmoor, Eynsham and Oxford have already secured a NatWest Community Force award to fund a feasibility study for the project.

Activists have set up Bike Safe, a not-for-profit company which will shortly become a charity in order to explore other potential sources of funding. The new Community Infrastructure Levy could be just one such source.

Wootton cycleway would only benefit cyclists, whereas the community path would serve pedestrians, runners and people using mobility scooters, as well as cyclists.

A footpath already runs alongside the B4017 to Abingdon and speed limits of 30 and 40mph are in force along the road.

In contrast, the B4044 between Dean Court and Eynsham has no footpath, the road is narrow, has many bends and traffic may travel at up to 50mph. This makes it intimidating and dangerous for cyclists, and impossible for pedestrians.

The B4044 community path project is a ‘Big Society’ style initiative by and for the community.

County councillor Janet Godden keeps Oxfordshire County Council informed, as their approval is required to build a pathway on roadside verges.

The project is not queue-jumping. The Farmoor community path might never be built if it was wholly relying on public funds.

It’s a pity to set two worthwhile schemes against one another in this unnecessary way.

Janet Godden, County councillor for North Hinksey and Wytham

Dudley Hoddinott, District councillor for Cumnor and Appleton