Sir – Currently our only Kidlington petrol station at Sainsbury’s is selling petrol per litre at 135.9p. At Sainsbury’s Heyford Hill, the price is 132.9p per litre.

Why exactly Sainsbury’s has chosen to penalise Kidlingtonians I have no idea.

Last year I did write to complain about the bizarre pricing structure; an Ian McGaan, customer manager, wrote that: ‘We do not make profit on sales of fuel as this is a service we provide for our customers to encourage shopping in store.

There are different levels of overheads for the varying sites which causes the pump price to be adjusted for each petrol station’.

How Sainsbury’s can fork out a couple of million to redo the Heyford Hill roundabout, still pass on savings to its customers, while North Oxford shoppers pay through the nose is more than unfair.

R Lewis (Ms), Kidlington