Sir – One of the most important sites to be redeveloped in Oxford in the near future will be the old education offices site in New Road, now owned by Science Oxford.

However mystery surrounds the actual building being planned to go on the site being designed by the architectural company owned by Lord Foster. The only ones to be allowed to see what is envisaged are a few councillors and officers.

Apparently it will consist of blocks with glass frontages. What is of concern is that it also includes the demolition of the old county offices on the corner of the site.

These handsome offices, now occupied by the Register Office, were built in 1911-12 by the gifted architect W.A. Draft. With its large transom window, dormers, pediment and copula it is perfectly suited to its important site and adds considerably to the streetscape.

Inside it has a restrained grandeur which is well executed. Apparently all this is to be demolished.

I urge Science Oxford to publise its proposals for the site to public scrutiny before the designs are finalised. Completed applications are rarely influenced by public comments before consent is granted. This will be especially the case with an application submitted by an architect with a reputation.

Public access now to the design process would enable a discussion as to whether the old county offices should be retained. The public deserve no less.

Paul Hornby, Jericho