YOU might expect curtains to twitch in Blackbird Leys, where 84-year-old Violet Robinson lives with her 21-year-old husband John.

But, because ‘toy boy’ John’s age is due to being a Leap Year baby, he can laugh off jokes about liking ‘older women’ on his birthday today.

Mr and Mrs Robinson, of Pegasus Road, met 73 years ago, when Violet was evacuated from London to Oxford.

When she was sent back home after the war, the 11-year-old sweethearts kept in touch and by the time John was 21, they were living together in Swinburne Road, Oxford, with two young sons.

In June they will mark their 65th wedding anniversary.

Mr Robinson said: “Our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren think my birthday is great and always make a fuss of me. But growing up, it wasn’t a big thing.

“My father died when I was four, leaving my mum to bring up six children. It was a struggle for her and there wasn’t a lot of money to go around so I don’t remember any presents.

“But I do remember she made a birthday cake when she could afford the ingredients to.” Former Pressed Steel worker Mr Robinson added: “When I turned 21 back in 1949, Vi and I lived with my mother and there was still no money for presents. But I’ve never minded that. I’ve been happy with my life and nowadays, although I don’t like a fuss, the children give me a great birthday.”

Parents of four, grand- parents of 10 and with a fifth great-grandchild on the way, the Robinsons have lived in Blackbird Leys for 50 years. The aptly named Mrs Robinson added: “We do sometimes joke about John being my younger man, but Leap Year birthday or not, he is very special to me.

“He will have a lot of 21st birthday cards and he gets really spoiled. Fifteen of us will also go for a meal.

“We’ll make a fuss of him whether he likes it or not!”

* THERE is still plenty room left on the birthday cake of octogenarian Elsie Smith, left – the great-grandmother from Cropredy turns 21 today.

Mrs Smith was born on February 29, 1928 – an impressive 84 years ago – and was born and brought up in Wardington, near Banbury.

Mum-of-three, grandmother of four and great-grandmother of two, Mrs Smith joked: “It sounds strange saying I’m 21, but I suppose that’s what I am.

“Even so, I wouldn’t really want to be 21 again.

“Back then I was a young mum and had a lot going on. Now I’m 84 I enjoy the WI, short mat bowls and my over-60s club and I’m looking forward to celebrating my birthday with a family meal.”

Mrs Smith, like many Leap Year children, opted for another date to celebrate her birthday each year.

She said: “Growing up I didn’t really think about being a Leap Year baby much. Mum decided I’d celebrate instead on February 28 and then I had my real birthday, on the 29th, every four years.

“But, I wasn’t the only child in the family to have an unusual birthday – My brother Howard was born on Easter Day, my other brother John was born on April Fool’s Day and my sister Nellie arrived on the longest day!”