I read that Prime Minister David Cameron thinks it’s a good idea that, due to people living longer, they could work well into their 70s before they claim their pension.

I would say that there are thousands of people, even today, who die before they are 65.

That means they don’t live long enough to draw their old-age pension.

Also, if some people who are fit know they will have to work late into their 70s that means only one thing – they will sit on the dole longer, because jobs are not going to become available for perhaps 15 years.

Mr Cameron says he likes Norway’s flexible pension system.

But I just can’t see that system working here. Cameron should think more about getting people off the dole and into work and not make people work longer in their jobs.

I think this is a build-up to doing away with the old-age pension altogether.

P. HOWARD (Mr, Brome Place, Barton Estate, Headington, Oxford