In reply to the letter “Passing buck over shop”, (Oxford Mail, February 22), I must agree with Mr MacAllister that in such difficult financial times that people will go for what they perceive as best value for money.

It is freedom of choice that we, the local residents, are practising concerning local and moral issues.

The increase in local traffic will add to an already-congested road with a dangerous bottleneck corner, where my niece was knocked down when coming home from school.

There are frequent road accidents in this area. The road is especially dangerous for the old and young members of our community.

The local Costcutter houses the Post Office which serves the community.

It is not only a shop, it is a place where the staff know most of the locals by their first names and ask how people are if they don’t see them.

It’s this personal, friendly and helpful service that adds to our sense of community and responsibility for everyone.

The store proposed by Tesco will be an Express; this has a higher pricing system than a Tesco supermarket because it is deemed a convenience store.

A uniformed approach to shopping, forced on us by the big corporate companies like Tesco, limits choice in the long run.

It is morally necessary to limit a monopoly that will eliminate competition and dictate choices and prices for the future.

MICK HAINES, Croft Road, New Marston, Oxford