I was interested to see Liz Leffman’s ambition is to “take on David Cameron in the Commons” (Oxford Mail, February 23).

I think she is going to have to sort out her political priorities a little more clearly.

In the last General Election, Mrs Leffman was the Lib Dem candidate standing in the Meon Valley in Hampshire where she polled 16,693 votes against the Conservative’s 28,818.

In 2005, she stood in her home territory, polling 12,415 votes against Mr Cameron’s 26,571.

To get herself elected and “take on” the Prime Minister, she is going to have to find a winnable Lib Dem seat and there aren’t many of them left, and very few with a retiring incumbent!

Perhaps she is hoping for Chris Huhne’s constituency to become available? Even there, the Conservative ran Huhne close in 2010 with 21,102 votes to his 24,966.

My advice to Mrs Leffman is: “Don’t hold your breath”.

KEITH R MITCHELL CBE, Leader, Oxfordshire County Council