WHILE conceding that councillor John Tanner must constitute a priceless gift for local journalists, I do wonder whether even he really stated that he “would like people to come to Oxford to use our toilets” and “It is an international toilet. People come from all over the world to use the Gloucester Green toilets”.

If there is any truth whatsoever in such declarations, then perhaps this city is not quite invariably attracting – or attempting to entice – entirely suitable visitors.

As for his utterance: “This is a dream I’ve had for some time, to improve the quality of toilets in Oxford”, I reckon we just about have our answer to Martin Luther King there, though let us hope that Mr Tanner does not meet with the same fate.

It is astonishing that he did not claim that even extraterrestrials, whom or which he would probably indiscriminately welcome with open arms, would find Oxford’s proposed revamped public conveniences irresistible, presumably issuing the initial command: “Take me to your loo, dear.”

Yes, time to pull the chain, I fancy.

DAVID DIMENT Riverside Court Oxford