Monday’s 60th anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne was used as the launch pad for a truly local campaign to raise up to £20m.

The money, which will go into a Jubilee Fund for Oxfordshire, will be used to support local services and voluntary schemes.

The idea is for everyone in Oxfordshire to donate 10p for every year of the Queen’s 60-year reign, which would raise £4m. And for the estimated 25,000 businesses in the county to donate £10 for every year, raising a further £15m.

The scheme, which is being run by the Oxfordshire Community Foundation, was launched on Monday in Witney, where the town’s preparations for the Jubilee celebrations were unveiled.

The town council has been planning for the long weekend and has already brought together dozens of community groups to organise events and co-ordinate production of a souvenir guide to collate all the events taking place.

Whether you are for, or against, the monarchy, it would be great to see all of the county coming together to celebrate and enjoy themselves, and support for the Jubilee Fund will ensure a lasting legacy for local people.