IN A previous letter (Oxford Mail ViewPoints, December 23 last year), I pointed out that the ‘floor standard’ figures for Key Stage Two tests cited for St Nicholas’ Primary School, Old Marston, are wrong and it really must be the responsibility of Melinda Tilley and her colleagues at Oxfordshire County Council to set the record straight (with reference to your report Academy Time, Tuesday’s Oxford Mail).

Accuracy matters! Honesty matters! Integrity matters! These are ‘the basics’.

For the record, three of my children have been outstandingly educated at St Nick’s. The eldest of the three, now in his first year at King’s College, Cambridge, is quite clear about this: without his academically, socially and emotionally very happy years at St Nick’s, cared for and befriended by highly gifted and dedicated staff, he would not be where he is now.

Many other former pupils would and could echo this view.

Meanwhile, might I suggest Mrs Tilley troubles to read St Nick’s most recent Ofsted report and takes note of my youngest son’s declaration that his school, St Nick’s, is the best school in the world.

BRUCE ROSS-SMITH, Bowness Avenue, Headington, Oxford