I was disgusted to hear of the theft from the ambulance at the railway station (Tuesday’s Oxford Mail).

You and your readers may well think that there would be a tiny amount of honour among thieves and that they would leave emergency service vehicles be.

No. They don’t. I have had two sat-navs taken from my response car while it was parked outside my home and I regularly hear my doors being tried in the early hours of the morning.

Recently we and a running partner of ours had exhausts stolen from three frontline ambulances.

Unfortunately, ambulances are seen as an easy target, because of the value of the equipment on board and that they sometimes carry drugs.

Unfortunately for the thief though, the equipment will be unsaleable because of its very specific purpose, and the drug bag is never ever left unattended.

NEIL THOMPSON, Head of transport services, 1st Response Medical Service, Cowley, Oxford