Sir – You report (February 2) that the number of Oxfordshire drivers caught using their mobile phones has risen, with 17 caught every day. This is deeply worrying, though it is reassuring that the police are now taking this issue very seriously.

What you do not comment on are the possible insurance consequences for the driver. These were drawn to my attention a couple of years ago when, following a minor speeding offence, I chose to go on a police awareness course rather than have three points on my licence.

We were told that 70 per cent of insurance companies now refuse to insure drivers who have been convicted of driving offences in which use of a mobile phone has been implicated and that the remaining insurance companies increase premiums sharply in such cases.

Presumably if a driver received a fixed penalty fine notice and failed to inform their insurance company of this fact, their insurance would be invalid in the event of a subsequent accident in which mobile phone use was again implcated.

Be warned!! Drivers should think very carefully about the insurance implications of their use of a mobile phone whilst driving before doing so.

Harry Dickinson, Boars Hill